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Advanced eCommerce Mobile Apps

Mobility runs in our veins, and we know exactly how it can help you craft solutions that are futuristic, creative, and make your business agile. We are the mobile development experts who are addicted to mobile technology. Whatever be your need – creating a robust strategy, designing ground-breaking user experiences, developing enterprise or customer-focused solutions, or addressing any extremely specific business need through mobility – we become your friendly partner and utilize the power of technology to build cutting-edge solutions that are profitable for you.

CORTEQ builds advanced mobile apps or mobile microsites with highly secure payment services to transform your mobile app into a POS terminal. Consumers can safely make instant payments for both Visa and MasterCard branded cards


Comprehensive IT services include

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    Mobile UX Design

    CORTEQ UX encompasses the subjective experience that a user has with a mobile app. This includes both good and bad experiences, as well as emotions.

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    Experience great Mobile App designs both on Android and IOS. Our Skilled workforce convert your ideas into great mobile app designs for your business

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    No matter the size of the Mobile App or technology used, trust us to maintain your applications while providing regular updates to your customers.

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    Payment Gateway Interfacing

    Connect your Mobile applications to Payment Gateways in order to receive online payments straight on your mobile services, Enjoy friction-less payments direct to your account

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    If you have an existing ERP in your organisation, Trust us to take your services straight to your company mobile App through direct web-services. We turn your business into a hub or efficient services to meet your company target goals with access to all your customers