Retail Sector


Expert IT services for the Retail Industry

Consumers are searching for meaning and authenticity, and want to shop with retailers that execute on their purpose responsibly in all that they do. Responsibility to all stakeholders is at the heart of responsible retail. This includes consumers, employees, partners and investors, as well as a new stakeholders.

Retailers need to build trust with consumers, invest in employees, share common values with partners and grow profitably for investors, while acting with a sustainable mindset for our planet.


Brick and Mortar to Online Store

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    Ecommerce Mobile Apps

    The sky is the limit for eCommerce business and more people are shopping online than ever before. Leverage Corteq eCommerce Mobile App Systems to grow your sales revenue.

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    Ecommerce Web Solutions

    We build custom shopping  cart applications, store front end designs and integration into In-store Point of sales Systems to provide a full package of E-Commerce Web Solutions.

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    POS Integrations

    Gain from our wealth of experience with POS integrations to link your Retail store in real time with your Online Store providing seamless operations for your business.

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    Data Analytics

    Drive operational efficiencies and improve experience, by transforming your everyday sales data into meaningful information to drive sales leads.