Expert IT services for the Telecommunications Industry

The Future Home’s powerful services ecosystem will be a quantum leap from today’s fragmented smart home technology, effectively extending the boundaries of the home even beyond the traditional bounds of the physical, to ultimately make consumers feel ‘at home’ anywhere.

All over the world, small- and medium-sized Enterprises’ (SMEs’) success is critical for economic growth. Worldwide IT spending by small and mid-size companies is expected to reach $684 billion in 2021, and is increasing faster than the rate of GDP growth. As a result, SMEs have become an area of increasing focus and importance for communication service providers (CSPs) in recent years.


Core Offering in Telecommunications

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    Corteq adds value to standard service offering, spurring subscribers to use their phones more and allowing the operator to drive up their revenue per user.

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    Mobile Money

    Experience friction-less payments on your Mobile Money Platforms with CORTEQ Money Integration Systems thus extending financial services to the unbaked and SME industries.

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    Mobile Commerce

    We deliver electronic commerce capabilities directly into the consumer’s hand, anywhere, via our robust tools  coupled with technical and business partnerships.

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    Bill Payments

    Enjoy seamless reception of electronic bill payments and compensation for a repeated services convenient for all your customers needs.