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Proliferation of mobile phone apps for enterprise as well as consumer needs has given rise to a big challenge of integration. The applications need to be integrated with a variety of back-end systems. This not only requires expertise in a variety of domains but also demands in-depth technical knowledge of several development platforms, devices, operating systems, and languages. We bring a special skill-set to build apps that support ubiquitous mobility for your enterprise as well as your consumers using AWS as a core backend services. Our well-integrated and robust mobile applications interface seamlessly with heterogeneous back-end systems, while offering brilliant performance and user experience.

Each organization has different requirements when it comes to designing a B2B and B2C mobile application. With a range of back-end systems, CRM, ERP, sales management tools, inventory management tools, business intelligence applications, databases, legacy applications, in-grown apps, third-party applications, geo-location tools, and a lot more – our tailored mobility solutions understand your exact requirements and build high-performing mobile apps while maintaining complete data integrity, synchronization, and security. We ensure that your users can get real-time two-way access to the right information to make insightful decisions on-the-go.

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